Get your own Customer Care online support platform to better inform, engage and serve customers. With services and products information on-line, real-time and at customers’ finger tips, you’ll gain customer’s confidence, whilst save time and resources over the long run as you automate and move your business into self-service care support system.


What you get

  • Your own Intelligent Knowledge Base Platform that allows easy search by customers on product/services as well as self-service support information
  • On-Line Forum to obtain customers’ feedback, suggestions and ideas
  • On-Line Case Management System for tracking and resolution of feedback from customers
  • Dashboard Real-Time Reports of Customer Care services (e.g. common issues or problems by product / service category / frequently search information on product / service information, etc)
  • 1-Year Server, Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Copywriting
  • Stock Images



  • Adherence to project schedule is key for timely delivery within 2 months.  Changes to project schedule may affect delivery date.
  • Client provides all information on products / services / self-service support for Knowledge Base Intelligent System
  • It takes about 21 – 30 days to set up the information provided by Client in the system.
  • Payment schedule is 60 % : 30 % : 10 %
  • Work commences after 60 % first payment is made.  30 % is paid upon Acceptance of System Design. 10 % is paid upon delivery of system with content provided by Client.


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We can provide a customised quote for your project.